2.5mm chain is being connected one by one. That minimal work continues all the time.
   Passion of creation doesn't have meaning. The meaning is unneeded. However there is always fear which it will be ended in all vain efforts.
   Still I keep doing.
   I'd like to see the scenery of the other side.

   I regretted when finished works is in my hands. One month and a half wasted for that. There is no feeling of achievement, it's not appropriate for the effort. The weight of 35.551 chains was felt heavily awfully.

   This works was exhibited at two places. People who take it in their hands see work details, and estimate freely by each sense of values. All reaction makes the meaning that the works exists. Some answer is brought to the passion which has ended in all vain effort.

   Everytime It creates in a world that is perfectly alone. It's a place where only my own question and answer are valuable. I work silently as an artisan, and as an artist there. Then the curtain falls to an end for the first chapter by completion of the works.

   I get to know the reason for past process as the completed works progresses to the future. And when the works completely desorption from my own world, "Real completion" comes.

   It was a story that started from a very very closed place. But now I'm in a place where is open much.

   I look around the surroundings.
   I surely wanted to see this scenery.


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